LARILA'S legacy

Larila died on November 18, 2023 as a result of litt

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Larila died on November 18, 2022 as a result of litter entanglement in the Hobart Rivulet. These actions are dedicated to her.

Who is Larila? Read about her story here.

Memorial Sculpture 

A memorial sculpture and plaque to commemorate Larila. The memorial should be in a prominent location along the Hobart Rivulet, ideally within her territory.

Interpretive Signage

Two interpretive signs placed along the Hobart Rivulet, including one at the Boulder Trap in Cascade Gardens. 

Larila Walk/Park

The naming/renaming of an area along the Hobart Rivulet as Larilla Park/Walk.

Pick up. Cut. Bin Campaign

A Looped rubbish awareness campaign, mural, stickers, council bins, kids art on flute board.  School visits.

Paint streetsweeper, rubbish truck

No Camping areas

Free camping beside Hobart’s waterways unfortunately leads to rubbish left behind and toileting in the bush. 

We support the designation and enforcement of No Camping areas at the following locations:

Strickland Falls

Cascade Gardens

Old Farm Road (2 locations)

Staged Willow Removal

Boulder Trap water level management

Boulder Trap platypus alt route in floods

McRobies Litter Pollution

Palawa use of Larila