South Hobart Platypus Mural Project

A special thank you to the generous folk who supported the crowdfunding campaign for the South Hobart Platypus Mural. Without you this project would not have been possible!

Following 16 months of planning, in early February 2022 nationally renowned contemporary artist Jimmy Dvate (D-v-ate) created a beautiful 10m x 3m platypus mural in downtown South Hobart, right in the the heart of the Hobart Rivulet catchment area. 

Aside from being a beautiful piece of art that enriches our community, the mural celebrates the presence of platypus in the Hobart Rivulet, and serves as a prominent daily reminder of the need to care for our urban waterways.


Project Timeline

A giant platypus painting needs a giant wall

The search begins for a suitable large, prominent wall in South Hobart, close to the rivulet.

November, 2020

Mural wall secured in downtown SoHo

The building wall on the corner of Wynyard and Macquarie Streets is secured for the platypus mural. Highly visible to car, bike  and foot traffic, we couldn't have asked for a better location!

Many thanks to Bear with Me Cafe owners Alicia and Viv for their generous support of this project.

February, 2021

Artists approached

We began approaching artists both in Tasmania and interstate with an interest in conservation and experience in large scale native animal murals.

March-April, 2021

CoH Planning Exemption obtained

We were relieved to obtain an planning exemption from the City of Hobart.

May, 2021

Jimmy Dvate locked in as artist!

We couldn't believe it when nationally renowned contemporary artist Jimmy Dvate agreed to create our SoHo platypus mural.

Without delay we paid the concept/design deposit to secure Jimmy!

May, 2021

Crowdfunding campaign successful!

Nervously we launched a crowdfunding campaign for the mural on Would other people share our passion for this mural?

The campaign reached its target in one week thanks to the kind hearted and generous support of many, including my mum. Thank you!

July, 2021

Mural Design finalized

From hundreds of platypus images, down to three, then down to one! The mural design was finalized during August-September.

August-September 2021

COVID delays Mural painting.

COVID delays painting of the mural with artist Jimmy DVate not able to enter Tasmania from Victoria. 

Mural painting rescheduled for Jan 30 - Feb 5, 2022

November-December, 2021

Painting of Mural, Take 2!

A year after the search for a suitable wall started, the SoHo Platypus Mural will finally be painted!

Why now? With longer daylight hours and milder temperatures, Summer was chosen as the best time to paint the platypus mural in sunny old Ho-town.

Jimmy estimates it will take one week to paint.

January-February 2022

We did it!

Blessed with blue skies, over the course of one week Jimmy Dvate created a beautiful wall mural of our very own Hobart Rivulet Platypus.

Thank you Jimmy! Thank you to all who supported this project.

Feb 06, 2022


Thank you to these generous supporters for making the South Hobart Platypus Mural Project possible. 

The Changesmiths
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Hellen Swain
Stephen Walsh
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